I have had interest in sharing my learnings with the community and decided to share it in form of blogs.
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MVC Architecture For Beginners

To make things more modular in terms of code, I prefer dividing these three components into multiple other components. This helps in rendering of codebase and management of code very easy and flexible. Traditional MVC project structure might look like this : However, to further simplify this structure and make maintenance of code easy, I prefer breaking down of each component further to handle specific concept : If you observe closely, I have added few more components here to logically simpli

SOLID Principles

Objects of derived classes should be able to substitute objects of parent classes and while doing this code should not be prone to errors. So basically a sub type should be able to replace object of a super type without changing existing properties of super type. This principle extends the Open-closed principle a little further and should be always checked while applying inheritance as it might lead to errors that might go undetected for long time and when it is finally caught, degree of modifi

Getting Started with MQTT — Part 2

This tutorial is second part of three-part tutorial series on “Getting Started with Mqtt” which will be a guide on setting up a MQTT server on your linux machine Before setting up and starting to work with an MQTT server, advice is to go through some basic concepts of MQTT first. Here we will be using Mosquitto as a MQTT Broker and Paho as its client on a linux system. Setting up Mosquitto in linux is simple : In your linux terminal, run following commands : This will automatically start mos

Getting Started with MQTT — Part 1

This tutorial is first part of three-part tutorial series on “Getting Started with Mqtt” and will cover basic concepts of Mqtt MQTT is a publish-subscribe based messaging protocol that works on top of TCP/IP protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations (eg:IOT devices) where our network bandwidth is limited and we require quick delivery. MQTT works on publisher/subscriber pattern in which two clients (publishers or subscribers) never contact directly and instead communication

My First Tech Intern

I joined Neurosys on 15th May,2017 and that marked my first step into the world of Software Development. First day at Neurosys embarked beginning of my self learning period. Tech-stack of the company included technologies like Apache Tomcat and Jetty Web Servers, Spring IOC, Apache Wicket, Android and Swing, Webservices using Apache CXF, SSL concepts, Bug tracking, version control (SVN, GIT), Build tools like Maven and Gradle, Lucene, Groovy, JDBC & JPA 2, JQuery / JavaScript, ReactJS, etc. Se

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